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Workshops can be Selected at Registration Checkout

workshopimages pikosmagyar

Dr. Michael A. Pikos / Dr. Carl Magyar – 8am – 12pm | 4 CE Hours

Fully Guided Full Arch Immediate Implant Reconstruction Workshop

This half day workshop will focus on the complete digital workflow from diagnostics to virtual workup with proof of concept of the fully guided prosthetic – surgical approach for immediate implant reconstruction (Same Day Teeth­­­­™). It will feature the integration of facially driven implant supported prosthetics along with surgical and laboratory disciplines, combined with CBCT technology that result in totally guided full arch reconstruction. The hands-on component will allow the attendee to fully appreciate the attention to detail that this unique protocol represents.

Learning objectives:
1. Understand the indications and workflow for facially driven computer guided full arch reconstruction
2. Appreciate the advantages of this protocol over conventional denture conversion protocols for full arch reconstruction
3. Appreciate the attention to detail that a complete virtual workup allows for fully guided full arch immediate reconstruction cases


Dr. Spiro Karras / Dr. Kerry Voit – 8am – 5pm | 8 CE Hours

The All-on-4® Treatment Concept: A Surgical-Prosthetic Blueprint™ for Success

In this all day didactic and hands-on course Dr. Spiro Karras and Dr. Kerry Voit will share their unique collaborative experience and teach you champion techniques that will demystify and simplify the diagnostic, surgical and prosthetic procedures for the All-on-4® Treatment Concept. Using a variety of multimedia modalities and a clinically relevant hands-on prosthetic simulation, they will show how your team can treat these cases with the predictability and efficiency of a dental implant center.

This course will review diagnosis and case selection, clinical and radiographic evaluations, and the development of a surgical-prosthetic blueprint to guide treatment. Prosthetically guided surgical techniques will be presented and the hands-on workshop will use articulated models to teach a predictable, stress-free technique for the conversion of a denture into a fixed interim prosthesis.

Learning objectives:
1. Learn indications and proper patient selection for the All-on-4® treatment concept
2. Efficiently perform clinical and radiographic evaluations and develop a Surgical-Prosthetic Blueprint to guide treatment
3. Learn surgical techniques for ridge preparation, implant placement, and soft-tissue management and a predictable technique for prosthesis conversion
4. Understand the design and fabrication of definitive restorations, as well as short- and long-term maintenance procedures


Dr. Costa Nicolopoulos / Dr. Safa Tahmasebi – 1pm – 5pm | 4 CE Hours

Immediate Full Arch Reconstruction with Site Specific Implants

This workshop will teach an advanced treatment solution that incorporates implant designs that allow for complex anatomical conditions to be properly managed. Unique implant designs will help maximize available bone, overcome anatomical structures, and extend the A-P spread. Additional innovations for prosthetic management will be introduced that improve simplicity and greater patient acceptance. Both a surgical and prosthetic hands-on exercise will be conducted to allow the participant to rapidly embrace these attractive innovations.

Learning objectives:
1. Diagnose and treat challenging anatomical conditions for full arch immediate reconstruction
2. Understand the benefits of utilizing the Co-Axis™ Angled Implants and MAX Post Extraction Molar Replacements Implants for immediate full arch reconstruction especially in maximizing the available bone
3. Practice the surgical and prosthetic techniques associated with this unique implant system

Click to View Video Preview


Dr. Saj Jivraj / Dr. Hooman Zarrinkelk – 1pm – 5pm | 4 CE Hours

Zygoma Implant Treatment Concept: Lecture and Hands-on Session

This hands-on course will help participants understand the surgical, prosthetic and diagnostic principles for treatment of the severely atrophied maxilla. The Zygoma implant concept will be discussed in detail. The participants will be introduced to the armamentarium and ad-modum Brånemark surgical protocol for placement of Brånemark System Zygoma™ implants as well as the new NobelZygoma 45™ and NobelZygoma 0™ implants. Determination of the trajectory of the osteotomy, the steps for placement of a single zygoma implant and the quad zygoma concept will all be communicated in depth. This presentation will also cover the various components and prosthetic steps used for the direct conversion of a full denture to a fixed implant-supported prosthesis. All implants and skull models will available for the participants to place zygoma implants and to take back to their practice for reference.

Upon completion of this hands-on session attendees should be able to::
1. Select cases for placement of zygoma implants
2. Understand the diagnostic principals in treatment of atrophic maxilla
3. Be familiar with surgical technique for placement of zygoma implants ad-modum

Workshops can be Selected at Registration Checkout