Pikos Symposium 2023

Graftless Solutions for the Management of the Severely Atrophic Edentulous Patient

The proven success of the immediate full arch hybrid solution has allowed clinicians to reconsider many conventional treatment approaches for the rehabilitation of the completely edentulous patient.

The simplified, graft-free protocol used in this approach enables us to provide immediate provisionalization, as well as the advantages of reduced post-surgical morbidity, improved outcome predictability and increased patient appeal. During this presentation, we will discuss and demonstrate in detail how understanding the process of dental alveolar bone remodeling is the key to success of the severely atrophic edentulous patient often without zygomatic implants.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand and appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of alternative approaches for treating the severely atrophic edentulous predicament.
  • Understanding the necessary prosthetic and surgical modifications associated with these proven alternative approaches to ‘extreme’ cases.
  • Reviewing data on more than 3000 full arch cases to gain insight into our experience with full arch management over the years.

Dr. Steven Bongard Biography

Dr. Steven Bongard obtained his DDS degree from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry in 1986. His professional interest has been concentrated on all aspects of implant dentistry since 1995. He has extensive experience in implant placement, bone grafting procedures as well as the prosthetic component of implant restoration.

He has published and lectured both nationally and internationally on implant placement, All-on-4® “Guided” implant surgery and alternative implant solutions. He presently maintains a dental practice in Toronto that is exclusive to the placement and restoration of dental implants.

His recent focus has been on developing a community resource and training centre that can provide access to innovation, technology and advanced infrastructure, as well as support and mentoring to the dental implant community.

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