speakers dr paolo trisi

Pikos Institute Bone Symposium


20 Year Histologic Experience with Different Peri-implant Bone Grafting Materials, Techniques and Implants

After reviewing the general principles of bone healing and formation with special emphasis on timing and modalities the effect of adding different bone grafts on healing will be reviewed based on the presenter’s personal histologic studies. Healing after grafting with autografts, allografts, xenografts, and synthetic materials will be analyzed.  Sinus floor elevation techniques and grafts will be addressed as well as sinus membrane perforation and its effect on bone graft healing.  The effect of implant placement, simultaneous vs staged, implant surface treatment, and different grafts on osseointegration development will be featured in addition to the effect of loading on long term graft remodeling.


Learning Objectives:
• Understand the effects of surgical technique on bone healing
• Critically evaluate the available evidence relative to various grafting and augmentation techniques
• Understand the rationale for selecting implant placement in a staged or simultaneous approach


Graduated of the University of Chieti, Italy
• Maintains a Private Practice in Pescara since 1988
• Dedicated his career to the research in the field of tissue reaction to endosseous biomaterials and bone regeneration
• Founded the “Biomaterials Clinical and histologic Research Association”. (Bio.C.R.A.)
• Scientific director of the “Biomaterials Clinical and histologic Research Association”
• Formerly Assistant Professor at the Dental School of the University of Ancona -Italy
• Assistant Professor at the Dental School of the University of Chieti-Italy
• Assistant Professor at the Dental School of the University of Naples Federico II -Italy
• Member of the Board of Directors of the “Sename” Implantology Association
• Co-founder and Vice-president of the SISBO (Italian Association for the study of bisfosfonates in dentistry)
• Founder and Editor in chief of the scientific “Journal of Osteology and Biomaterials”
• Author and coauthor of more than 80 papers published in National and International journals
• Invited Speaker in National and International Congress

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