speakers Dr. Marco Degidi

Pikos Symposium 2019

The Conometric Concept in Implant Prosthetic: A New Way to Make Fixed Restorations

This presentation will focus on the Conometric Concept for full mouth immediate reconstruction. The Conometric Concept focuses on creating fixed implant-supported restorations without screws or cement. It can be applied to single teeth, multiple teeth as well as full arch. It also facilitated creation of temporary as well as final restorations, immediate loaded or delayed, in combination with many types of restorative materials. The prosthesis has the versatility of being removed by the dentist but not the patient.
Learning Objectives:
• Learn how to select the appropriate treatment plan in the edentulous patient
• Understand the principles and the rationale of the conometric concept
• Learn how to parallelize and passivate Conometric abutments


Dr. Marco Degidi Biography

Dr. Marco Degidi is an Adjunct Professor, Postgraduate Master in Clinic Implantology at the University of Bologna in Bologna, Italy. He is an active member of the Academy of Osseointegration, and a Diplomate of the International College of Oral Implantology. He has published 141 articles in peer-reviewed journals and received numerous awards with an H-index of 31. Dr. Degidi lectures throughout the world discussing immediate loading, primary stability, biomaterials, and aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Marco Degidi is the inventor of the WeldOne Concept, as well as the Conometric Concept. The WeldOne concept is worldwide unique as DENTSPLY Implants offers the first complete, proven and sophisticated concept for intraoral welding based on resistance spot welding principle.  Instead of cement or screws, the Conometric Concept uses friction retention to secure the crown and cap onto the abutment.

Dr. Degidi runs a private practice in Bologna focusing on implant surgery and prosthetics.


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