Pikos Symposium 2021

Immediate Loading in the Atrophied Bone without Sinus Lift and without Bone Grafting

When there is loss of teeth, the atrophy of the alveolar processes occurs in a vertical as well as horizontal plane. As we know, implant placement in severely atrophic jaws is challenging because of the poor quality and quantity of bone in the future implant bed.

Restoring severely atrophied cases can be very challenging due to the proximity of the sinuses and nerves and the resorption of the alveolar crest. Bone grafts, mental nerve displacement and sinus-lift procedures are often used to overcome the initially poor anatomical and mechanical conditions of these cases. In the first instance, we will have a specific course on the anatomy of the pterygoid region to master this rather complicated area. The second learning objective that ensues is to learn to place a pterygoid implant in a secure way. 

The third learning objective is to understand the prosthetic concept around the pterygoid implant. Ultimately, I will touch on how to rehabilitate severe atrophies within 10 days with a fixed denture using the Cortically Fixed at Once (CF@O)(registered Protocole)approach using specific implants and solid titanium-shaped hybrid plates. These are high fatigue strength plates, ranging in length from 41 to 43 mm hybrid with no welds or added parts and are particularly indicated for mechanically demanding situations.

Learning Objectives:
• The anatomy of the Pterygoid region
• Understanding the immediate load in the atrophied bone
• Understanding the prosthetical considerations in the rehabilitation of the  atrophied bone

Dr. Henri Diedrich Biography
Dr Henri Diederich has completed his degree in Dentistry in 1985 from the Free University in Brussels, Belgium. He has run his own practice since 1985. He holds additional diplomas in Legal Dentistry and Personal Injury, both from the University of Montpellier, France and is a Sworn Expert in the Luxembourg Courts. Henri is the father of the CF@O Protocol (registered in the EU). Henri has been teaching Implantology at Post-graduate level at the Hospital Saint- Antoine in Paris, Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes, Madrid, and the University of Toulouse. He regularly speaks at conferences as a Keynote Speaker and co-publishes regularly papers on Implantology in European Journals. Henri is the Honorary Consul of Latvia in Luxembourg since 2004.

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