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Pikos Symposium 2017

Rehabilitation of Atrophic Jaws with Tilted Implants

The use of tilted implants has resulted in a revolutionary approach that has changed the way of doing implant-supported total rehabilitation.
All-on-4®, V-II-V, trans-sinus and zygomatic implants have become reliable and predictable procedures supported by a strong scientific
evidence. Throughout the lecture attendees will learn how to treat compromised patients in need of total implant-supported rehabilitation,
while avoiding demanding and more complex bone grafting procedures with great benefit for both patient and clinician.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand how to set up a correct diagnostic protocol for atrophic patients in need of immediate loading total rehabilitation
• Understand the titled implants surgical protocol to achieve their correct placement and distribution
• Understand how to deliver a functional and esthetic provisional prosthesis and how to convert it in a final rehabilitation with longterm

Dr. Enrico L. Agliardi
Dr. Enrico L. Agliardi is Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, Specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthognatodontics “Università degli Studi” of Milan.
From December 2009 is chief of Special Rehabilitation Surgery department of San Raffaele Dental Clinic, directed by Prof. Enrico Gherlone. Many year-experience in Oral, Orthognathic, Pre-Prosthetic and Pre-Implant Surgery, Advanced Implantology (intraoral and extraoral implants).

Professor of Special Rehabilitation Surgery, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Course of Dentistry, University Vita-Salute S. Raffaele Milan.

Supervisor of various National and International Congresses and author and co-author of several National and International Publications and books.

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