speakers Dr. Carlos Aparicio

Pikos Symposium 2017

State of the Art of the Zygoma Related Oral Rehabilitation. “The Zygoma Anatomy-Guided Approach” (ZAGA)

The purpose of this lecture is to describe a systematic protocol to achieve patient specific zygoma therapy through the Zygoma
Anatomy-Guided Approach (ZAGA). It will also introduce the necessity for new zygoma implant designs; and portray the ZAGA results
and compare the outcomes of the OST and ZAGA techniques using specific success criteria. Finally, we will describe how to avoid soft
tissue dehiscence, the most frequent complication when using the extra-sinusally placed zygomatic implants.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the indications for the use of zygoma implants
• Obtain the knowledge of how to compose a patient specific zygoma therapy through the use of the ZAGA concept
• Understand how to recognize different maxillary anatomies, mandatory for a systematic surgical customization of the zygomatic implant path according to the ZAGA protocol

Dr. Carlos Aparicio
Summa Cum Laude in Medicine & Surgery in 1978. Dentistry in 1983. Dental Laboratory Technician 1983. Diploma in Implant Dentistry at the University of Gothenburg ( P-I Brånemark tutor), Sweden 1984. Master Degree in Science of Materials, Politecnic University of Barcelona 1990. Diploma in Periodontics at the University of Gothenburg (Jan Lindhe tutor) Sweden 1992. Master in Biomedical Research University of Barcelona in 2010. PhD Summa Cum Laude, international mention at University of Barcelona School of Medicine. Visiting professor at different universities. Editor of the book “Zygomatic implants: the Anatomy-Guided Approach”. Fellow researcher within the Handicap Research Group in the Department of Biomaterials at the University of Gothenburg. Referee at European Journal of Oral Implantology and Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research. Past-President of the Osseointegration Foundation of the American Academy of Osseointegration. Board member EAO 2004-2006. Founder president of the Spanish Society of Minimally Invasive Dentistry. Nominated Academic of the Royal European Academy of Doctors in 2016. Currently is sharing his knowledge on zygomatic implants from his web site www.apariciozygomatic.com

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