Pikos Symposium 2023

Hybrid Digital Restorative and Analog Surgery Work Flow for Full Arch Immediate Load
(with Dr. Arshiya Shafari)

Digital dentistry is commonplace in the dental office at this time but is it always essential or better than conventional analog approaches? When it comes to full arch immediate load there are advantages to surgical placement that are not dictated by a digitally produced surgical guide. However, when it comes to restorative techniques there is no question that advancements in materials and design technology have made the older techniques of fabricating a final prosthesis a thing of the past. The goal of this presentation is to take the best of both the analog and digital worlds when it comes to full arch immediate load dentistry and provide the workflow that we have used together over the years to achieve great success.

Learning Objectives

  • How analog surgery can be superior to digital guided surgery
  • How to avoid making an intraoral impression by using the temporary prosthesis for fabrication of the final prosthesis
  • When to use this technique

Dr. Andrew Ferrier

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