Pikos Symposium 2023

Full Arch Compendium: From Complications to Success in Total Immediate Implantbased Rehabilitation

Our patients don’t just want “implants”. What they want is the ability to smile and
function with confidence, and uncomplicated possibilities in the event of failure. Our
patients know that as dentists we are capable of “dental treatment”, …but what they
actually need is a “solution” which does not merely replace one problem with a
different problem.
The trend in full arch rehabilitation has been to use fewer implants and load them
immediately. In pushing the boundaries of clinical therapy, bone grafting and other
adjunct surgical and restorative techniques offer tremendous benefits in managing
contingency and facilitating the most ideal implant placement for predictable aesthetics
and optimal function, comfort, hygiene and longevity.
Along with evolution in techniques and technology that help us to treat more patients
more successfully with dental implants there has also been a significant evolution in
patient expectations and in the definition of what is in fact “success”.
This lecture will explore potential complications in full arch rehabilitation on implants
and a means to control the outcome with a digital workflow along with surgical and
restorative techniques to achieve predictable results when treating the edentulous, as
well as those with failing dentitions.

Learning objectives:

• Avoiding Iatrogenic complications
• Fully Digital Workflow and Immediate Final Teeth™
• Advanced Techniques: Zygoma, Pyriform, Pterygoid, Nerves Transposition …if,
when and why?

Dr. Alex Fibeshenko Biography

Best known for pioneering, teaching, and popularising All On 4 and Zygoma procedures,
Dr Fibishenko is one of today’s most respected implant surgeons, innovators, and
educators on the global stage. He developed numerous surgical techniques and systems
to help improve and control the outcomes with full arch dental implants, collectively
known as the All On 4 Plus® concept incorporating the world’s first Immediate Final
Teeth™ using a fully digital workflow, which have received high acclaim globally.

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