Pikos Symposium 2021

From the Biology to Esthetic:
Full Arch Immediate Loading – The State of the Art

In Immediate loading, the survival rate is often based on the follow-up of the osseointegration, but without aesthetic appreciation….

The main goal is to achieve osseointegration and aesthetics with long term stability.

For this success we need to obtain both, bone formation and gum thickness,
as any failure in one of the 2 factors will induce the loss of the second factor.
Several requirements have to reached in order to obtain and maintain them
together for a very long time:
• Biological requirements are linked to early vascularization (appreciation
of the biologic level, growth factors, collagen environment).
• Anatomical & Surgical requirements will help to the best implant placement and positioning (Fast Guide system, sub-crestal insertion, platform switching, etc…).
• Prosthetic requirements are essential for aesthetic as a guidance for soft tissue design (rigid and screwed provisional prosthesis).

This presentation will show my statistics from more than 1100 full arch
loaded immediately over 14 years (more than 7700 implants).

Dr. Alain Simonpieri CV
Professor of Oral surgery department, University Federico II, Naples (ITALY)
Post Graduate of Prosthetic Surgery and Implantology, Marseille (FRA)
Post Graduate of Surgery and prosthetic implantology, NYU (USA)
Post Graduate of Aesthetic in fixed Porsthesis NYU (USA)
Post Graduate of Periodontology, PARIS VII (FRANCE)
Diploma of Oral Implantology College, Implants & Sinus elevation, Paris (FR)
President SENAME international
Member of the ICOI & European Association of NYU (USA)
Dental Xp Expert (USA)
International Speaker about TEKKA & PRF Systems
Two Awards by the ICOI (2008, 2009) about publications on dental implants
Private practice in BEAUSOLEIL and MARSEILLE (FRANCE)
Founder of Aesthetic Implantology Institute (MARSEILLE)
Co-founder of Fast Guide and brushing technique
Many National and International Publications

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