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Dear Colleague,


I want to personally invite you to attend the Pikos Institute sponsored Bone Symposium 2014. This one of a kind program will feature 12 of the world’s master clinicians as they share their respective bone grafting protocols in a most unique mode. Each speaker will have two hours to present their material including 20 minutes of direct Q&A from the audience. This format will allow each speaker ample time to develop his respective topic as well as provide for audience participation.

This symposium is for both entry level and advanced level clinicians who desire to advance their knowledge of clinically relevant and evidence based state of the art bone grafting procedures. It will cover the entire spectrum of both the scientific and clinical elements of bone grafting for implant reconstruction from  autogenous bone grafting to tissue engineering based bone grafting. Bone Symposium 2014 will include, but is not limited to, the following topics:


•  Critical evaluation of the available evidence relative to various bone graft techniques

•  The effects of surgical technique on bone healing

•  Techniques for the use of autogenous bone grafting to minimize morbidity and increase treatment outcome

•  Autogenous bone grafting for 3D alveolar ridge augmentation

•  The benefits of tissue engineering (use of growth factors, stem cells, and constructs) and de novo bone formation

•  In situ tissue engineering protocols

•  Selection of appropriate biologics for regenerative procedures

•  Comprehensive use of rhBMP-2 for bone grafting

•  Comprehensive use of rhPDGF for bone grafting

•  Tissue engineering for 3D alveolar ridge augmentation

•  Immediate load protocols for alveolar ridge bone grafting

•  Comprehensive extraction site management – decision tree and clinical application

•  Sinus bone grafting

•  Single tooth to full arch reconstruction with autogenous bone grafting

•  Single tooth to full arch reconstruction with tissue engineering based bone grafting

•  Horizontal and vertical alveolar ridge bone grafting

•  Complications of autogenous and tissue engineering based bone grafting

•  24 Credit Hours


Please join us at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando for what will be a unique and total immersion learning experience on all aspects of the science and art of bone grafting for implant reconstruction. This will be the most comprehensive bone grafting symposium you will ever attend. Come and learn from these talented world-class master clinicians. You don’t want to miss this great opportunity.

Best Regards,


Michael A. Pikos, DDS