Full Arch Immediate Implant Reconstruction: State of the Art

Dr. George Duello

speakers Dr. George Duello

Pikos Symposium 2019

How Do We Maintain and Support Patients Who Have Been Treated For Prosthetic Replacement of Total Edentulism

This presentation will discuss the short and long-term maintenance of appliances for the treatment of total edentulism. Logistics and timing of revisions for prosthetics will be covered in this presentation. Dental laboratory support is critical to lessening patient’s disability based on the design of the original prosthesis and any repairs that may be needed. Protocols for the long-term care of total edentulous prosthesis will be discussed as well as guidelines from various professional organizations will be highlighted in this presentation.

Learning Objectives:
• Demonstrate how the initial surgery and prosthesis for the patient impact the long term success of the patient’s solution for prosthetic treatment
• Logistics and responsibility of maintenance protocols will be considered
• Case presentations will be presented of patients with various treatments and the long -term successes or failures

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