Full Arch Immediate Implant Reconstruction: State of the Art

Dr. Carlos Aparicio

speakers Dr. Carlos Aparicio

Pikos Symposium 2019

Zygomatic Implants – The Zygoma Anatomy-Guided Approach (ZAGA)

To overcome the original technique drawbacks, different surgical approaches, including the extra-sinus technique, have been described. A minimally invasive protocol, named Zygoma Anatomy-Guided Approach (ZAGA) is aiming at promoting a patient-specific therapy. ZAGA avoids damaging sinus wall improving hard and soft tissue sealing and maintenance. Surgical management of the implant site is guided by the anatomy of the patient. As a consequence, the path of the implant may vary from a total intra-sinus to a total extra-sinus one. Using specific success criteria for zygomatic implants, ZAGA method has proved enhanced results and reduced number of long term complications.

Learning Objectives:
• To understand the Zygoma related rehabilitation challenges, goals and related risks
• To understand the rationale for the zygomatic osteotomy
• To understand how to avoid late complications in the Zygoma related rehabilitation using the ZAGA philosophy

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